7 Reasons React Native is Going to Be BIG in 2021

1. Minimized Development Time & Cost

React Native makes it easy to transfer the code between various mobile platforms. In other words, you can say that an application developed for Android on React Native can be easily compiled for iOS app with a few minor changes. Since the single code base can be used on both platforms, it certainly minimizes the development time. Here at Infinite Red, we generally see 90%+ code reuse between iOS and Android.

2. Simple & Easy Maintenance

As native frameworks grow, the API of each framework grows. I clearly remember the time before React Native, where I had to update my Android apps to use the latest tooling and losing time on my iOS deploy. If your application is built in the native framework it can be quite time-consuming. However, React Native’s flexible approach makes the entire app development maintenance easy, simple yet price effective.

3. Reusable Dynamic Platform Components

Some apps have a branding that is unique to the app and ignores the platform. These are generally hard to do in Native, but are quite simple in React Native

4. Easier cross-device user experience

Mobile used to just have a few devices to worry about. Now we’re seeing variety among iOS and especially Android devices. React Native uses flexible and fully-optimized layout engines that are highly compatible across all the devices regardless of the screen size. Applications built with React Native adjust with screen resolutions. Apps built with React Native support HD graphics and device sizes.

5. Easy third-party integrations

React Native has a way of synchronizing and integrating itself with native modules via frameworks and so it can easily be integrated with app features and other components such as GPS, camera etc. It happens because of internal device programming and thus eliminating the need for additional integration work for developers.

6. Hot Reloading Feature — Making React Native really HOT

The core of “hot reloading” is a delightful developer experience. Feature after feature allows teams to build their apps quickly and with useful feedback. With the Hot Module Replacement (HMR) feature, developers can make a quick change in the source code while immediately viewing instant results. Any changes in the code are reloaded automatically. This in turns assists React Native app developers to create an app without recompilation, thus boosting the development velocity. It’s like building a website on a native device.

7. Help is Available

When a project is new, it’s hard to find information, help, and tutorials. Fortunately, these get filled in within a few years of a project being live. At Infinite Red, we’ve been doing React Native since the beginning, and we’ve helped countless companies launch their apps.



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